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Open, lively and not commonplace!

The shopping area in Buchen (Odenwald) has a lot to offer – efficient specialist shops, boutiques and suppliers in the historic old part of town as well as extensive specialist stores in the shopping centres “Am Sendeturm” and in the “IGO”.

Buchen not only meets the demands of our daily lives, it also responds to special customer needs. The historic old part of town with its decorative timbered houses and cafés is especially attractive to shop and stroll.

Almost all lines of business and services are available here, that is why Buchen (Odenwald) is so popular with shoppers from near and far.

More specialist events in the city centre include the weekly market in front of the old town hall (market days: Wednesday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.), the great shopping festival “Goldener Mai”, two Sundays during the “Schützenmarkt” (marksmen’s festival) when the shops are open, the “Auto-Herbst” (‘car autumn’) also with shops open on a Sunday and the Christmas market featuring an arts- and craft market. These events are also a welcome opportunity for locals and visitors to meet and communicate.

Highly productive specialist stores can be found in the historic part of Buchen!

Free parking is available!

You can park your car for free in Buchen! The car parks are situated just outside the extensive pedestrian zone in the historic centre. With its detailed map and a listing of all the car parks, the brochure "Kostenlos parken in Buchen" (free parking in Buchen)

Nette Toilette”Nette Toilette” (‘nice toilet’)

 Gastronomes in Buchen allow the public access to their toilets.

Your advantage: toilets that are fully equipped and cleaned regularly in a central downtown location! The “Netten Toiletten” can be found in Buchen’s city centre restaurants displaying the “Nette Toilette” logo. They can be used for free during the respective opening times.

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